Java Script

  woodchip 24 Nov 08

I have had to turn it off in Flock Browser, As it was stopping PCA pages from loading fully, plus I got Login Problems. I posted it hear for those who know about web page design. Can this be a problem having it turned off? Web Pages all now load okay and faster

  Kemistri 24 Nov 08

If you browse sites that require JavaScript to provide genuinely useful or important functionality, then you will miss out. If you hit a badly coded site that relies unnecessarily on JavaScript to run its menus, then you cannot navigate through it. People who don't like JS usually use Firefox and install a script blocker add-on that provides easy white-listing of sites that need JS while minimising its intrusion at other times.

  MogsyDude22 02 Dec 08


I am relatively new to Javascript but do understand a bit about it, I have been working on a form that contains all dropdown menus that contain answers to the question that are asked. I have the values of the dropdown boxes setup fine and all the functions to validate the form are fine as far as I am aware as it works in Internet Explorer. But I cannot for the life of me get the Popup alerts to work in FireFox or Google Chrome. And also the submit button down the bottom of the page does not work either in FireFox or Google Chrome.

This is the code I have, can anybody please shed some light on this...

function formVal()
var dd = document.getElementById;

if(dd('tes1').value == "na")
alert('Test question 1?');
return false;

if(dd('test2').value == "na")
alert('Test question 2?');
return false;

if(dd('test3').value == "na")
alert('Test question 3?');
return false;

  woodchip 02 Dec 08

You would be better creating a New Thread as I closed this one, Create it with a Header that is appropriate to your question. You may then get some help on creating Web pages and JavaScript


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