Java Script

  smullan_2000 17:04 15 Apr 04

i have currently added an form into a pop-up page using Java script, when it is submited the e-mail dose send, however i am wondering if anyone knows the code which is used to make the pop-up box close when submit is pressed

  smullan_2000 16:04 16 Apr 04

<img src="\files\gif\23200365220.gif">Subscribe to our eMail Update Service</span><br><Br>

If you would like to receive newsletters and news alerts about the <b><i>eProcurement [email protected]</i></b> service by email, please simply add your name, job title, organisation and eMail address and then hit ‘send’.<br><br>

ACTION="mailto:[email protected]?subject=Subscription Request for eProcurement [email protected] Email Updates"
onSubmit="return valid(this)">
Name<BR><INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Name" SIZE="40"><BR>
Job Title:<BR><INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Job Title" SIZE="40"><BR>
Organisation:<BR><INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Organisation" SIZE="40"><br>eMail address:<br><INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="eMail Address" SIZE="40"><br><br>
<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Send">

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