Java Runtime Environment

  rdave13 12:22 16 Jan 13

I've uninstalled JRE from my PC and have had no problems with any site so far, including YouTube, Google and G-Mail. Open Office also works OK. Running Win 8 and IE 10 browser.

I'm just wondering if it's needed at all. Possibly a game or two might require it but I'm not a gamer. I can also log in to my bank account and make transactions. Are there sites that won't work without Java?

  northumbria61 12:40 16 Jan 13

rdave13 - I have Windows 7 64bit and I don't have anything installed relating to JAVA and everything works for me. Interesting article in this LINK from Leo's Answers enter link description here

If there is a program that requires it, it will ask for it and can easily be installed. But I haven't come across any problems.

  Woolwell 12:44 16 Jan 13

There are a few games (mostly online) that require java, some websites and some programs see javatester

  Batch 12:55 16 Jan 13

I still maintain a website (that I created in 2001) that uses Java applets for the menu system. However I also included code that that uses basic HTML if it detects that Java is not available. The site is only used by a few people that used to work for a now defunct company so it's not worth updating it.

As far as I know Java has always been reasonable efficient. Contrast this with JavaScript which was renowned for being very slow / CPU consumptive. Fortunately in the last couple of years or so the browser providers have mostly (re-)engineered their JavaScript engines to be much more efficient (as in the difference between IE7/8 and IE9).

  Sea Urchin 13:56 16 Jan 13

Any theatre or concert booking sites that use an interactive seating plan need Java

  rdave13 23:12 16 Jan 13

Thanks for your replies. I think I'll keep it off the PC as up to now no site has asked for Java.

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