Java Problems

  wingfield 21:06 01 Jun 04

I have been having trouble opening some Internet sites on one of my computers. I upgraded to XP Pro the other day and after a while the problem occurred. I've installed XP Service pack 1 and IE Service pack 1 but no joy. I now find when I go into my works website and one particular page, it doesn't work as it should ie text comes in from the left word by word. There is a little picture a bit like a cup of tea and then a message appears 'Java applet failed to load.' Any help out there? Is there something I can download to correct it?

  Valvegrid 22:27 01 Jun 04

The Java consul could be corrupt, you can download a new version from here:

click here

  wingfield 09:26 02 Jun 04

I've been into the site but which one to download?
How do I find which one is installed on my machine?

  Valvegrid 17:46 02 Jun 04

I agree, it's not very clear. I think you'll find this is the one:

click here

  Valvegrid 18:02 02 Jun 04

You might find this a better site:

click here

  wingfield 16:22 04 Jun 04

I downloaded from the site and it worked OK for a day them we were back to square one. I haven't had chance to do another download yet but I will try tonight. If it goes tits up again what can I do? I don 't have any trouble with my other machine which is running XP Home - it only appears to be with this amchine running XP Pro. Is it the Explorer that's causing the trouble and if so should I uninstall and try and get a differnt version or what??

  anchor 20:05 04 Jun 04

I run Microsoft Virtual Machine, the MS version of Java, on Win-XP Pro with no problem. It is still available for download here

click here

  Fruit Bat 20:20 04 Jun 04

Careful MVM has holes big enough for horses to get through I mean the TRojan Type. If your using MVM then you probaly need CWShredder to kill the Trojans.

  wingfield 23:37 04 Jun 04

run Java download again but it tells me Java is running in the backgroud. There still appears to be a conflict somewhere. Sometimes I can't access this site. I can't access my e-mails from work - and there's no graphics or anything there! I'm reluctant to try the MVM if there is a security issue. It says that on it web page. Any further ideas?

  Valvegrid 07:31 05 Jun 04

Try uninstalling what java you have on the computer by using Add/Remove programs in Control Panel and reinstall Java.

If you download the Java software from here click here also on that site are help and configuration instructions (complete with pictures) that help you install Java, additionally, there is a link to an faq page.

  anchor 17:02 05 Jun 04

Fruit Bat

MS brought out security updates for these holes ages ago. These should still be available, as MS Virtual machine was included in SP1 for XP.

Personally I prefer the MS version, as I found the Java version caused some problems.

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