Java issue query!!

  gazmix 20:03 11 Nov 08

A fiew weeks ago i was asked to update my java 6 update 3 to update 10. It always failed. I dunno why!

Today i opened Windows Messenger & a link to a profile which opened IE. After i closed IE my Antivirus told me i had a virus, something i googled & saw that can leave system vulnerable if not updated java!

I uninstaled java 6 update 3 to update 10.

I went to a chatroom to see if java working, but it still said i needed to install a plugin!
I now have on my desktop:-
what is the difference, as i got the xpiinstall when the chatroom said i needed plugins, but when i tried to install plugins, it said i had them!!!, grr

does java, by default, ask you to updat ever fiew months ?


  gazmix 19:56 18 Nov 08


  gazmix 11:09 19 Nov 08

thanks, whats the difference between offline version & online?

as i say i had to install a plugin that is xpiinstall & i think the whole programme is jxpinstall, is this correct?

  gazmix 16:43 22 Nov 08

ok, cheers, i'm sure i have the correct version anyway!

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