Java 7 update 4 now out

  sunnystaines 27 Apr 12

the major geeks link does not work.

goto control panel - java - press update button and it loads ok.

  buteman 27 Apr 12


Ok thanks for that now updated.

Read somewhere that you only need to download the 64bit version of flash now if using 64bit-32bit version of W/7 there is no need to download the 32Bit version as well.

Is it the same with java or am I getting mixed up.

  sunnystaines 27 Apr 12


i do not know i am still all 32 bit

  buteman 27 Apr 12


I may have got that wrong maybe it just installs both at the same time.Never mind.thanks for the update.

Not sure if it is my imagination or not but pages seem to be loading that bit quicker with that update.

  sunnystaines 27 Apr 12

buteman yes i saw that too,[during install it pauses for two mins, if others wonder has it froze, no just leave it]

even pca is slightly quicker

  onionskin 27 Apr 12

Not being a major geek, mine updated, but only from 1.6031 to 1.6032, still version 6.

According to oracle's website, V.7. is still a developers' release.

On this page, selecting 'Downloads' at the top will check if you have the latest version, and clicking the big 'Free Java Download' will download the latest version available for your system.

  onionskin 27 Apr 12

A bit garbled that. I meant, 1.60.31 to 1.60.32 and the big 'Free Java Download' button...

  rdave13 28 Apr 12

sunnystaines, thanks for the information. I will wait for Verification before I install. Same kids gloves as with Shockwave/Flash installations. Install too soon and you could land in some difficulties.

  Snrub 28 Apr 12

Just downloaded jre7 update 4 from, no problems.


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