kidsis 14:57 PM 26 Mar 12

I have java 7 update 3, but when I checked on the java website they tell me I have jave 6 update 29. Anyone know why this is?

  Sea Urchin 17:22 PM 26 Mar 12

I don't know why - the Java site should agree with what you have in Control Panel. But you could try this independent Java Tester

Test for Java version

  Batch 18:53 PM 26 Mar 12

To my knowledge, Java 7 is not available on the (normal) Java website (V6.31 is the latest there). Maybe it's a glitch on the Java website as it isn't prep'd for V7.

  Sea Urchin 19:08 PM 26 Mar 12

An explanation

Java 7

but when I run the check on that site it still comes up showing I have Java 7

  kidsis 16:33 PM 27 Mar 12

thanks for the replies. So I guess that the Java site will only recognise pre java 7 installs. Well I'm not going backwards! And I'll assume there are no further updates for 7 yet.

  Sea Urchin 16:39 PM 27 Mar 12

If you go into Control Panel then Java - Update tab and tick box for Check for Updates Automatically - then Apply and OK. The it will look after itself. You can always click Update Now on that same screen if you want to check for yourself.


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