IWILL DPL533 Dual Xeon P4 Motherboard

  Gaz W 19:52 25 Jun 03

I don't know a lot about this motherboard, but I was wondering if anyone could suggest any worthy alternatives/equivalent motherboards and where I could get one and for how much? The only place I can find selling the above board is click here - is there anywhere else (UK) that's cheaper?

Here's a link to the actual page. It's meant to load in a frame but I think it will automatically go into the frameset OK:

click here

  Gaz W 20:05 25 Jun 03

I was particularly interested in memory compatibility for this board - what is the best type of memory? A few systems with this board in have 2 512Mb PC2100 DDR modules in (it has to be installed in pairs), but can it take faster DDR (e.g. 2700 or 3200)?

Is there anything to consider here like memory size/type or anything? Does it need to be the "registered" type which is more expensive?

  Gaz W 20:09 25 Jun 03

Sorry to keep posting before anyone's had a chance to reply, but would this memory be OK?

512MB DDR PC3200 400MHz + Alum. heat spreader [branded Geil]

I've replied to my own thread twice so it looks like people have replied lol!

  powerless 20:45 25 Jun 03

Well, why the need for a Dual processor board?

"Supports dual channel DDR266 memory modules" - Only PC2100 it wold seem. As with other RAM you could install faster RAM but it will only work at PC2100 Speed - Thats if you can do this.

Your best bet would be to email the people who make it, to be sure of what it can and cannot take.

  Gaz W 21:02 25 Jun 03

The board is not for me unfortunately! It will be needed for 3D CAD & things like that, with a lot of memory & processor intensive software running on it, so it will need to be fast.

I just found out about the memory - that's a bit slow for a motherboard with a 533MHz FSB isn't it?

It appears there are 2 types of Intel Xeon processor; Socket 603 and Socket 604, the difference being one pin on the CPU, and it appears that this board supports both of these (obviously has 604 pin layout on the sockets). What is the difference? Am I to assume that the 604 pin version is slightly better? I found a 603 pin one with 533MHz bus (click here) and it's quite a bit cheaper than one on another site (click here) that's the 604 pin version. What is the difference other than the pins? I can't see any difference!

  Gaz W 23:57 25 Jun 03


  powerless 07:07 26 Jun 03

I do not know sorry.

Xeon processors arn't my thing.

  Gaz W 09:19 26 Jun 03

Does anyone know about Xeon processors?

I haven't got a clue about them and am only just getting the hang of pronouncing it!

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