I've spilt orange huice on my PC..can it be fixed?

  NEILBRODIE 10:08 28 Aug 07

I spilt Orange juice on my PC...can it be fixed...when I switch it on nothing happens...does it need to dry out, or is it buggered??

  johnnyrocker 10:19 28 Aug 07

left to dry out would have been the best bet instead of switching on still worth a try with a hairdryer etc and leaving overnight before starting to investigate what conductive residues might be left.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:35 28 Aug 07

1) you can let it dry but I would bet that it is useless.

2) don't faff around prodding and poking, claim on your home insurance.


  €dstowe 10:48 28 Aug 07

Food and drink never get anywhere near my computers either at work or at home. That should be a rule for everyone.

  johnnyrocker 10:57 28 Aug 07

you ssay pc but is it the keyboard or have you a laptop?


  Stuartli 11:00 28 Aug 07

The problem with orange juice is that it will leave a sticky residue.

johnnyrocker's query is relevant as spilling juice on a laptop would be more serious than onto a PC case or keyboard (latter are cheap to replace).

  Diemmess 11:10 28 Aug 07

Laptop = disaster, almost certainly terminal.
Orange juice is not only sticky but acidic and quite a good conductor (electrolytic damage).

If not a laptop, detach keyboard and other externals and try it like that.
The PC should bleep and monitor show keyboard error.

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