I've really messed up my laptop

  kumo22 12:03 18 Nov 08


I have a three year old Acer 4150 laptop running XP. It started switching itself off. This I now gather is due to the fans and can be recified.

Last week however it developed a new problem. I could switch the laptop on and progress through to the screen giving me the icons for the individual user accounts. When I selected an individual user it went through to that screen however there were no icons displayed. There was a message indicating that a particular browser was not active.

I took this to a local repair shop, and having been charged £40 were told that it was probably the mother board. Someone else however told me that I should re-install windows. I had never done this before but was progressing fine when the fan cut out and the laptop switched itself off, half way through the process.

Now I can't get very far at all. When I switch on I get the initial BIOS screen then this switches to a screen that amongst other things displays the following:

PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-MOF: Exiting Broadcom PXE ROM

It then revrts back to the initial BIOS screen and these two just go round in a loop.

Any suggestions please as to what I may have done, or what problem I may have. I would prefer to fix this problem than buy a new laptop but will do so if necessary.


  Taff™ 13:47 18 Nov 08

The first line suggests it can`t find the Hard Disk Drive and the second refers to a failure to find a boot sector on the LAN. (Not surprisingly!) Go into the BIOS and check to see if it can see the HDD. Try switching to Default Settings and reboot.

  kumo22 14:51 18 Nov 08

Taff Thanks.

I had tried to access the BIOS but couldn't. I think I was pressing the wrong keys. I was using either the delete key or F10 and only got a high pitch noise.

I'll try accessing the BIOS again and take it from there.


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