I've lost my Outlook Express e-mail facility

  Bingalau 07 Jul 12

I've no idea what happened but Outlook Express just up and left one morning last week. I can get my e-mails o.k. via Virgin media, but don't seem to have access to the address book I had on Outlook Express.

How can I get Outlook Express back please?

  lotvic 07 Jul 12

Outlook Express, so presume you are using XP?

e-mails o.k. via Virgin media is that through your Browser? (Webmail)

Bingalau, when you say 'Outlook Express just up and left' you'll have to explain more *&%! (scratches head)

  Bingalau 07 Jul 12

lotvic. Don't really know how to explain it, except to say that one morning I was having trouble getting any joy from my computer at all. So I switched it off and on again and most things were then available but not my Outlook Express. I tried going back a few weeks to see if it would re-appear but got no joy as my computer wouldn't even go back more than a couple of days. I am on XP yes, and had Outlook Express prior to that of course.

I will now have a go at the suggestion in the other thread...

  Bingalau 07 Jul 12

I have just got a window as follows... "Identity Login. There is no current Identity. Select Identity name below, to add or modify an Identity click manage Identity".

I have tried various things with this but none of my efforts at passwords or identities helps at all.

  lotvic 07 Jul 12

Oh dear, if you have no identity you'd better check the Obits column... ;-)

maybe Fruit Bat /\0/\ will be over here in a minute.

  Bingalau 07 Jul 12

lotvic. If I were in the Obit column I am sure I would have met Brumas by now.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 07 Jul 12

Corrupt profile

Search your computer for files ending .dbx. These are your emails. There should be Inbox.dbx, Outbox.dbx, Drafts.dbx etc.

There must also be Folders.dbx, this is the data telling OE how the emails are compressed.

Save all these dbx files, then you can either import them into a new OE profile on your computer.

Look for a file called (name).wab, this is your address book, and a folder called Favorites. Save these and either import or overwrite to transfer them.

Set up a new identity using your old details (name password etc.) then import your old folders into the new identity to restore all your emails favourites etc.

  john bunyan 07 Jul 12

Bingalau This is not connected to the problem identified by your offspring recently, is it?

  Bingalau 07 Jul 12

Fruit Bat. Thanks for all those instructions, I will try to follow them but must admit I am not really in to searching for files. But I will give it a go tomorrow. Sorry for delay in replying but I was watching the mens' doubles in the tennis.

john bunyan. It could well be something to do with the problem when everybody was getting e-mails from me whilst my computer was shut down. I am not really worried about losing Outlook Express, but it is a bind not having my address book. Also of course I was more accustomed to using Outlook Express. Getting used to another system will take me a while I suppose. Thanks for your reply, I am off for an early night now as I think my pain killing tablet is kicking in.


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