I've just installed a 2nd SATA HD - before initialising I have questions...

  Graphicool1 13:34 PM 18 Feb 13

Hi Guys

I've just installed a 2nd SATA HD - before initialising I have questions:

I intend to clone the old 'C' HD to this new one.

(1) - Does it matter what letter I give the new HD before cloning the 'C' HD to it?

(2) - When I clone the 'C' to the new drive, will it automatically become the 'C' HD?

(3) - If the new HD becomes 'C', does then the old 'C' HD change it's letter to the new 'C' HD's old letter? (complicated)

  lotvic 14:20 PM 18 Feb 13

(1) No

(2) only once you have disconnected the old C's cable from sata Port 0 on the motherboard and plugged New Drives cable into sata Port 0 on the motherboard.

(3) when you power up pc and the old C's cable is in sata Port 1 on the motherboard, the OS on the New Drive C will assign a new letter to the old drive.

note: Whichever drive you plug into sata Port 0 on the motherboard is automatically called C (as long as drive has a bootable OS on it) AFAIK

  Graphicool1 14:40 PM 18 Feb 13

hi lotvic

"(2) only once you have disconnected the old C's cable from sata Port 0 on the motherboard and plugged New Drives cable into sata Port 0 on the motherboard."

There is a problem here, when I installed the new HD (in the only port available) it showed on my PC as '0'. But it sounds from what you're saying that it should show as (1)?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:45 PM 18 Feb 13

How many sata ports on your motherboard?

  Graphicool1 15:57 PM 18 Feb 13

Hi Fruit Bat/\0/\

Sorry about this...

"it showed on my PC as '0'."

My mistake, it is showing as (1) & the 'C' drive is showing as (0).

However my OS is Windows 7 and as such it has a 100mb boot partition (E). When I clone the 'C' drive will it also clone the (E) partition?

  Chronos the 2nd 16:02 PM 18 Feb 13

Clone the whole drive or if you just clone the C drive Windows 7 will not boot. But boot from Windows 7 installation DVD and do a system repair. This installs the boot manager IN the Windows 7 partition and after this Windows 7 boots fine.

  Graphicool1 16:35 PM 18 Feb 13

Hi Chronos the 2nd

So, what you are saying is if I clone the whole disk (with Acronis) it will boot?

I can't..."boot from Windows 7 installation DVD and do a system repair"

Because the reason I'm cloning one disk to another is that in 'Event Manager' the present 'C' drive shows as...

'The Device,\Device\Harddisk0\DR0, has a bad block'

As such the drive is hanging on by the skin of it's teeth, with all sorts of problems. WD have given me 'Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows and Repair' which I've run and it says it can fix the problem. But I should back up the drive, because there maybe data loss. They also gave 'Acronis True Image' for the back up.

  Graphicool1 17:02 PM 18 Feb 13


I went into 'Computer Management' and it said I had to intialise the new 'unallocated' drive. I clicked ok and it is now the 'New Simple Volume'? I clicked on this and it says "Welcome to the new Simple Volume wizard"!?

What is all this? All I want to do is allocate a drive letter?

  rdave13 17:39 PM 18 Feb 13

You don't allocate the new drive a letter. Simply use your software to clone the C drive to the new drive. The software you use will deliberately show it as (), blank letter. You should have options how to clone. Clone all partitions to same ratio or Clone the drive partitions to same size. If you clone the drive with same partition ratios then the 100mb partition will be larger if the newe drive is bigger. If it's the same size then it won't matter. If the new drive is bigger then I would clone using the same size partition. That will leave unallocated space to the right of the C partition but leave the 100mb the same size. Once the new drive is in place you can either expand the C partition or create a new D partition.

  Graphicool1 18:24 PM 18 Feb 13

Hi rdave13

I'm sorry you weren't available earlier, I've been getting so much conflicting information and then nothing, so in the end I just went for it.

The new drive is the same size as the old 500GB and has now been formatted, is NTFS and has been allocated the drive letter of 'M'. Can I not now, still clone the old drive to it?

  rdave13 19:04 PM 18 Feb 13

Yes. Just run the cloning software on your normal C drive. I use Paragon but I imagine it's similar with Acronis. Just follow the wizard instructions.


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