Ive just been working on a older laptop...

  SJM_81 23:41 11 Mar 10

...and the picture puts my laptop shame. As soon as I come off the old laptop, the new one looks dull in colour etc.

Ive pressed the fn and fkey for colour, but it seems on max?

I'm really dissapointed. How can A oldish laptop be better than a newish one?

  wiz-king 05:51 12 Mar 10

Yes. It would very much depend on how they are set-up. You need to calibrate the screen settings and not rely on the default settings. Have a read if this click here article and take it on from there.

  mooly 08:40 12 Mar 10

Is the new one using an LED backlight raher than the CCD (Cold Cathode Discharge) tubes of "old"

Perhaps look in "control panel" and open your graphics options from there and see what is configurable.

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