I've an ink cartridge to giveaway...

  Simsy 10:21 11 Jul 07

as the result of the demise of a printer...

It's from "Choice Stationary" and is unopened, about 3 months old.

It's one of their "Think" cartriges, colour, and is number;


Suitable for Epson Stylus C42UX, C42, C42S, C42SX, C44, C44PLUS, C44UX and C46

That's the info on the box... I guess it's probably suitable for all flavours of C42,44,46.

Post to this thread if you want it.
I'll check the thread this evening and, if there are more than one "claimants" I'll "draw lots" to see who gets it.

No cash needed, but should you feel so inclined, do make a donation to a suitable charity.



  User-1159794 13:43 11 Jul 07

I could certainly use it in my old and faithful C444UX.
More than happy to pay the postage.

  Simsy 22:41 11 Jul 07

it's yours!

Use the yellow envelope by my name to send me your address.



  User-1159794 09:14 21 Jul 07

Received with thanks.

  Simsy 10:15 21 Jul 07



  SANTOS7 10:40 21 Jul 07

gestures like that make this forum standalone from all others...

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