i've got my flash site designed...WHAT NOW !

  joydesighn 12:49 20 Jun 08

i'm new to web design, anyhow iv'e designed my portfolioio completely in flash, i'm very happy with it, but what now, do i need to put the flash doc into anything else, if what and how, i just want to get it on line now...please help a young novice...thanx

  Kemistri 13:53 20 Jun 08

In addition to annoying a large number of potential visitors, this stamps all over accessibility standards in the biggest way possible. On the rare occasions on which a client has asked me to build an entirely or predominantly Flash-based site, I have persuaded them to reconsider or failing that, turned down their custom rather than go against one of the key principles of good web development. Besides, Flash used in that way is passe now. If you want to get clever, there are newer and more useful ways of doing it.

  Forum Editor 08:54 21 Jun 08

that I agree with the others - sites designed entirely in Flash are really a think of the past, unless there's a very specific reason for designing that way.

People find Flash loading times an irritation, and it makes content changes that bit more involved.

If you plan to use your site for commercial purposes my advice is to forget about Flash, unless you have advertisers who want to use it for animating their ads.

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