I've got a duff Compaq Presario - help me!!!!!!

  bigal1808 20:21 03 Oct 09

Hi - my neice gave me her old laptop - a compaq presario c300 - which had 'crashed'.
I've tried starting it up, but all I get is a flashing power light.
Does anyone know what this means?
Is is a faulty psu - does a laptop have a psu?
Or is it a faulty motherboard?
Are these easy to replace?, and how do I know which one to buy, and where from?
For your information - I have built my own PC - so I'm not afraid to have a go - but I have never worked on a laptop.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  Technotiger 20:27 03 Oct 09

The PSU for a laptop is the external type which plugs into the Mains supply at one end and the laptop at the other end. The power supply could be faulty.

click here

But probably not worth the expense or bother to fix.

  bigal1808 20:33 03 Oct 09

OK - thanks - she had lost the transformer and power lead - so I have just bought a new one from a supplier on Amazon.
I was very careful to get the right one - voltage and watts - I know it's ok - it only cost me about £12 - so, if that's the psu eliminated, I'm down to the m/board, aren't I?
So -how?, and where from?

  Technotiger 20:38 03 Oct 09
  Technotiger 20:43 03 Oct 09

Best place to try for the mobo is eBay, you will find it very difficult to find one available anywhere else - and even if you did, most seem to be in the States and in excess of $120, if your lucky.

  bigal1808 20:44 03 Oct 09

technotiger! - cool!!!!!!!!!!!

  Technotiger 20:50 03 Oct 09

Your welcome - don't forget to Green-tick this thread as Resolved if you are happy.


  bigal1808 21:01 03 Oct 09

OK -found a m/board for $170 - that's £107, so it's still a good price for a laptop - and I've now got the service guide - thanks - so I'll close the thread.
thanks again to everyone.

  Technotiger 21:04 03 Oct 09

Cheers, and good luck with the re-build!

  rdave13 21:19 03 Oct 09

A motherboard for a laptop. Is it worth it as I could not replace a motherboard in a lappy?

  woodchip 21:48 03 Oct 09

Try just on mains, remove the battery

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