I've deleted a precious picture - help

  The Dazza 21:59 25 Dec 09

I've deleted a couple of really precious pictures can anyone recommend a well known program I can use to recover it please?

  Technotiger 21:56 25 Dec 09

Yes, click here

  Technotiger 21:57 25 Dec 09

My Crystal ball is working over-time again LoL ...

  rdave13 22:03 25 Dec 09

Any chance of tomorrows Lotto Numbers?
Please..... :)

  Technotiger 22:05 25 Dec 09

I wish .... Merry Christmas!

  The Dazza 23:20 25 Dec 09

is there any way I can view a picture without having to go through every picture that's every been on my laptop? (I installed the program from the link)

  Technotiger 09:45 26 Dec 09

If the picture(s) have a name, you could do a normal Search - ie Start>Search>Picture, Music or Video ....

  gigagiggles 11:07 26 Dec 09

try the free xnview or picasa.

with xnview, you can adjust the size of the thumbnails of the recovered picture files. then you can visually scan thru them.

  The Dazza 00:25 27 Dec 09

I've recovered it with Digital Image Recovery but it's blurred.

I've tried to fix it with MS Office picture manager.

Anyone know a program that will fix it?

  Technotiger 09:33 27 Dec 09

Most paint programs have a Sharpen effect within, this is a very good free paint program click here

  Technotiger 09:35 27 Dec 09

PS - in my link click on *getpaint.net*

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