ynohtna 09:53 14 Nov 06

Itunes.... AGAIN.
Not sure if its me but...
Ok, ive got Thousands of songs stored in my Itunes. No downloads, all imported from cd's.
As im sure you are all aware, these songs get stored as AAC files in 'my documents','my music','itunes' and in my instance they are categorised by artist name for albums or in a separate complilations folder for (yep, you’ve guessed it..) compilations. My question is this... I have all this music but I cant do anything with it except listen to it using my itunes browser. I wanted to make a compilation cd for my sister with a few of her favourite tracks. So I put in a blank cd, using NERO 7.0 I found my documents, my music, itunes and all my music folders, and when I opened the folders to drag the files I wanted... Empty! Even though they are still listenable on the itunes browser (am I making sense?) I cant even make a cd using my existing files and windows media player... Am I doing something wrong.... Any advice....
Also when I go to download the latest version of itunes and it asks what I want to do with the file should I select 'RUN' or 'SAVE'...?

  commoner 12:56 14 Nov 06

Open file. Select new playlist. Right click your selection from tunes. Move to playlist. Open file. Select * burn playlist to disc * Select the tunes you don't want to burn by unchecking them. Enjoy.

  ynohtna 13:01 14 Nov 06

Really.... too easy!! Thanks...!
How about the downloading latest version bit...

  commoner 13:29 14 Nov 06

The download should overwrite the version already in place. It will ask you if you wish to this. Save is the option.

  ynohtna 14:40 14 Nov 06

Thanks Commoner. Easy when you know how - i must be really thick!!

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