Itunes won't start up

  Desert Andy 13:27 24 Jan 11

My itunes has stopped working. I don't think I've loaded anything to cause the problem. When I select Itunes, it does nothing, although when I look at the task manager, apparently itunes is running. I have tried completely uninstalling itunes and reloading it, but still the same problem. Any thoughts? thanks

  gengiscant 13:30 24 Jan 11

This may seem a daft question but it has happened to me,do you have 2 monitors but one not switched on? As I said it happened to me with a program actually loading on the screen which was switched off at the time.

  Desert Andy 13:33 24 Jan 11

No I don't, just a single screen on my laptop.

  Terry Brown 13:44 24 Jan 11

You may need to run the Itune repair program. See link
click here


  Desert Andy 19:14 24 Jan 11

I tried the itune repair, still no joy.

  Desert Andy 19:14 24 Jan 11

How can i completely uninstall itunes, ready for a fresh install?

  gengiscant 09:16 25 Jan 11

Sometimes its worth following this procedure before reinstalling itunes click here

  john bunyan 09:51 25 Jan 11

gengiscant's link worked for me in similar circumstances.

  Desert Andy 12:54 25 Jan 11

Thanks for all your help. Unfortunately, I complete uninstall followed by reinstall has not worked. I followed another link, and I now know the problem is with Bonjour. But I have no idea how to fix it. If I disable Bonjour, Itunes opens up, but of course I can't sync with my Iphone, if I enable Bonjour, Itunes won't start up. Any other thoughts?

  gengiscant 13:02 25 Jan 11

Maybe something here:click here
or more click here

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