iTunes refusing to open

  robzwolf 15 May 11

I'm running a Windows 7 32-bit PC. On hearing that iOS 4.3.3 was out, I wanted to update my iPhone 4 to it. However, iTunes just refuses to open. I click the icon on my dock/taskbar, it looks like it's open for a couple of seconds, then it appears closed again. I don't even see the window open. I've even reinstalled iTunes to the latest version, still to no avail. Any help please? I was wondering if a specific process was blocking iTunes from opening. Here's a list of all my processes.

Any suggestions please!

  mole44 16 May 11

Had the same problem myself go to Apples itunes web site reinstall itunes from there,go into all programs and find itunes on the list then just move the icon onto your desktop.

  gengiscant 16 May 11

Some times it is necessary to to a really clean uninstall and reinstall of itunes. So follow these instructions. itunes

  robzwolf 16 May 11

I don't want to do a fully clean install, I've got my iPhone all backed up on there :/

  bremner 16 May 11

This will not effect your iPhone backup Apple Support

  robzwolf 18 May 11

Okay I've uninstalled iTunes then reinstalled it and it STILL WON'T OPEN!!!!! By now I'm getting really fed up because I NEED TO BACK UP MY IPHONE!!!

Should I contact Apple? Or will they hate me for having a Windows PC?


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