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  pellim 09 Dec 12

In response to a message from Apple, i've just downloaded the latest version of iTunes. I could weep. It's a disaster. The new version has totally destroyed my carefully built up library of podcasts, all speech. Most of it is missing; some few individual podcasts have been classified by an idiot robot into completely the wrong place. I can't believe Apple has done this without due warning.
Has anyone else experienced this kind of problem?

  mole1944 09 Dec 12

i totally agree,iTunes is a fiasco i didn't loose anything (54,000 legal tracks)and i had cloned drive just in case with Acronis,the print CD case option won't properly track information,thought it was me but it's a general problem,i have a widescreen monitor no option to make fit standard or wide screen,Apples lost the plot since the demise of Steve,there was the iPhone mapping software it was a diaster.I have this saying a take on a well know one "it's not broke,don't worry we'll soon fix it",for goodness sake Apple leave well enough alone ITunes was ok in it's previous incarnation.

  mole1944 09 Dec 12

Have you tried reloading your from itunes,the stuff will still be there you may have to resort stuff into lists again.

  Chronos the 2nd 09 Dec 12

I agree,Apple have followed in Microsoft's footsteps in 'Lets make things more difficult to find or do but say it is much easier'.

What I did is remove ITunes 11 and install the previous version which can be found here. OldApps.

Make sure you switch off auto update software in ITunes/preferences/general.

  pellim 09 Dec 12

Thanks Chronos the 2nd and mole1944 for your help. Quite by accident I found my podcasts but the chaos and confusion remain.
I'd no idea I could download the previous version of iTunes. It's amazing the help you get on this site. A very useful tip. I'v switched off auto updates and auto iPod syncs. Not sure what I wsnt to do yet.

  CurlyWhirly 10 Dec 12

After reading this thread I'm glad I delayed updating itunes !

I am wary of downloading updates as back last year an update nearly caused me to lose all my songs but I managed to get them back but now on the Windows taskbar I get the message "Previous iTunes Libraries" after a recovery and after this I also disabled auto updates.

Thanks for the warning.

  iscanut2 10 Dec 12

File Hippo has all prevoius versions of a lot of popular software..See this for I Tunes

  iscanut2 10 Dec 12

Sorry link did not copy properly Just go to and look for I Tunes or whatever else you need an older version of.

  Woolwell 10 Dec 12

The only snag that I have found with the new iTunes is that it is not obvious to get back to the iPad/iPhone contents from the store but I suspect that they think that most users will sync by wifi.


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