itunes ipod problem

  Joaquina 19:39 11 Mar 09

I had an old laptop with my itunes on. Bought a new laptop, Sony Vaio. Had to re sync and rip all my tunes again but got my new itunes on the new laptop and it worked fine for 3 weeks. Yesterday, when I plugged my ipod in, it says The IPOD is synced with another itunes library and wants me to delete and transfer again (which I already did 3 wks ago). I couldn't work it out what had gone wrong so in the end I did it again. So all my tunes were wiped off again and I ripped my first CD just now and synced. Then I tested it, came out of itunes, unplugged the ipod. Then plugged it back in and itunes opens.....with the same message and nothing stored again?? I've done it twice now? Both times it says its synced with another library but its NOT!! Co -incidently, or maybe not, just prior to this happening yesterday I was on the phone to BT to sort out my wireless broadband problem and the man was working remotely on my computer, don't know what he did and maybe its just a co-incidence but since that was done, this happened. Yeah I've re started 10 times.....don't know what to do!! Does anyone know? PLEASE!!

  scubaseven 11:27 12 Mar 09

This will be no help, but Ipods suck.
They seem very tempermental.

  Grey Goo 13:07 12 Mar 09

Have you authorised your new computer.

  Legolas 14:01 12 Mar 09

As grey goo says you have to unauthourise the old library and authorise the new one

  john bunyan 17:34 12 Mar 09

Firstly, do you back up your i Tunes music elsewhere? You can have a separate folder where you store copies, or, better still an external drive. At a minimum you can save on DVD's. Then you wont have to rip over and over.
Second. I default I Tunes to not automatically synch as I have a library and iPod and a second library for my grandchildren's i Pods (2)
I suspect your library is not lost. If you hold down Shift as you launch iTunes it lets you create another library, or choose another one if you have one. I have two accounts as well, one for me and another for the grandchildren. You can authorise up to 5 computers. Did you use your i Pod as a hard disc to transfer the music, or a memory stick, or what?

  ^wave^ 18:23 12 Mar 09

you could go to they do all things ipod and there are some very useful tutorials that will help you

  Smutz 15:19 28 Jun 09

I bought some new tracks and when I plugged in my i pod to download them my i pod does not appear in the left column and i pod sync option is greyed out in file menu.

I had previously updated from Itunes 7 to version 8 and I understand this may be part of problem. If so can i get a download of iTunes version 7 and go back to that if it will resolve the issue?

Suggestions appreciated as can't get anywhere on I Tunes / i Pod help facilities.

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