itunes - grrr - alternative?

  sebiven 09:16 26 Dec 07

Father Christmas brought this "Silver Surfer" an ipod Nano.Nice toy.Will be ideal when sitting quietly fishing!

However itunes I'm afraid is beating me hands down.

No problem says my mate , just get one of the alternatives.Plenty around , just Google for them.

So I did.The list is endless.

Can anyone recommend an itunes alternative which is simple , effective , and easy enough for even me to manage?

  mymate 10:03 26 Dec 07

click here
Use it free for 30days,then do what i did and pay for it.

  sebiven 11:48 26 Dec 07

Thanks mymate.

Got there in the end - downloaded the trial version , then had to update to version 2.3.6 , then had to download a registry modification because of a "This version of XPlay will not work with this model of ipod" message.

This is brilliant , just what I needed.Will recommend it whenever or if ever I'm asked.

Many thanks friend!

  mymate 13:47 26 Dec 07

I have never had Itunes on my computer,i only use Xplay. If you have any problems with it,you just email support and they answer very quick and are really helpful.
Like every program ,save the registration number when you do buy it.

  sebiven 14:23 26 Dec 07


All weighed,all paid. Bargain!

Thanks again.

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