iTunes Film Download - How do I Play on My TV

  Scrivers 15 Aug 11

I've just downloaded a film from iTunes which downloaded into the iTunes library. I want to enjoy this film in front of my TV in my living room. There seems to be no way to achieve this. The file, an m4v format, won't even play in Windows Media Player. It will only play in the iTunes software. Anybody know how I can watch this via my DVD player on my TV, or have Apple really got things so stitched up that their products are virtually unusable.

  ams4127 15 Aug 11

I transferred mine to my iPad, connected the iPad to my TV by the Apple component cables (plus extra power via the USB connection on the cables) and it played fine.

You could also convert it into a different format. I haven't tried that, so can't advise.

  Scrivers 15 Aug 11

That's an interesting solution. I wonder if it would work with my iPod Classic - it has 160Gb memory so could handle the size of file. Did you connect the USB end of your Apple cable to your TV?

  ams4127 15 Aug 11

No. The component cables come with the iPad connector on one end which feeds the signal from the pad to the TV. It also has a USB connection to provide power for the Ipad and this is connected by USB cable to the Apple mains plug. The iPad does not have sufficient power, by itself, and must be helped. It's difficult to explain! Have a look at the Apple iPad website and you will find the cables under spares or accessories or something!!

Sorry, it's late and I'm tired!


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