iTunes on 3 seperate Computers; how to combine?

  Rabi 19:17 21 Mar 08

Hi All,

I had my iTunes library (about 4,000 songs, 10 movies) on my laptop computer, it had a hardware problem and while I awaited a replacement part (I am overseas, in Africa) I began to use iTunes on my desktop PC. I slowly built up a new library, with about 70% of my old CD's and then added new ones (total 3,000 songs). I then traveled for 6 months to the USA, purchased a new Apple MacBook, and while in teh USA again built a new iTunes library (about 4,500 songs). I am back in Africa, my old laptop is working, and so I now have the laptop iTunes, the desktop PC iTunes, and the MacBook iTunes...
I would very very much like to combine all 3 iTunes into 1, on any of the 3 computers, or preferably keep the "master" combined final copy on an external hard drive.
Obviously, some of the songs are duplicated on one computer or the other.

I have 1 TB and 1 750GB External Hard Drives, so space is not an issue.

Has anyone come across this situation before? How was it resolved?? Thanks!

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