It's back again

  Dumble452 12:52 08 Jun 04

Further to my previous thread click here
I'm still having a problem with Windows 98 but Windows XP is fine.
It does seem to only happen on very hot days but the CPU temperature is only showing 45 deg C. I'm stumped.

  johnsims 13:06 08 Jun 04

Could it be that the system temperature is too high? If you have a couple of hard drives plus a couple of optical drives and a fast graphics card then there is a lot of temperature build up inside the case and even if the CPU itself is adequately cooled, the process chucks heat out into the confines of the case.

Do you have case fans mounted opposite each other, one pulling cool air in and the other pulling hot air out?

  Valvegrid 13:08 08 Jun 04

It's possible the temp reading is incorrect. Normally you have to add ABOUT 30°C to the reading you see to account for the losses between the bottom of the die and the sensor. If this connection is lossy, the actual temperature could be higher than what you are seeing.

Have you check the temp in the BIOS just to confirm that the temperatures match? The monitor should be deriving it's readings from the BIOS, but I understand some don't.

That seemed a long winded way of saying I don't know, sorry.

  Dumble452 14:52 08 Jun 04

I think you may have hit the nail on the head. The motherboard monitor is showing the current cpu temperature as 40 deg C but bios is showing it to be 59 deg C. The shutdown temperature is set at 70 deg. I've noticed that the cpu seems to run hotter under Windows 98 than it does in XP. I've got 2 case fans, the one at the front bottom pulling air in and the one at the back top blowing air out of the case. Perhaps another fan may be the answer or I have read that it may be better to do away with the front fan and relocate it at the back to help blow air out.

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