ITouch stayes locked out of my Wireless connection to BT Hub

  SparkyJack 13 Apr 12

This is a long standing problem - that I have ignored becuse it works perfectly well on various 'Hot Spot locations

Setting it up to link to my BT Hub entails entering numbers as indicated in the Card that comes with the HUb.

The iTouch recognises the connection and shows I/P address and relevant detail- even including the the Yahoo mail link- but still shows the padlock symbol- and wont let me in.

The reason for this post is - that a friend brought her new laptop for me yo set up - and testing the wireless connection and entering the 'Wireless Key number put the laptop right in and we could Google merrily away,

But the iTouch stubbornly stays locked out, Any ideas?

I have also to say a Visit to the local Apple store tech bench could only suggest what is already being done.

  Nontek 13 Apr 12
  SparkyJack 13 Apr 12

Thanks nontek - but that refers to power saving only Not Wi-Fi

  john bunyan 13 Apr 12

My two grand children have their iPod touches connected to my router using a guest password. I find you need fingers like knitting needles to put the wireless code in and it is important to get the upper and lower case right.

  SparkyJack 14 Apr 12

Thank you John I too have to sharpen my fingers and take care to get the sequence right with many a back space to boot.

But having got it right - eventually it will still present 'that damned padlocck.

  KRONOS the First 14 Apr 12

Have you tried inserting the MAC address to your router settings? MAC address.

I have an ipod touch and to be honest I cannot remember how easy or hard it was to set up. But what I do know is that I certainly did not have to faff about with tricky passcodes as I had changed it to something that I could remember. But in saying that the Wii was a bit of a bugger to connect initially.


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