ITN business new advert on here?

  The Sack 02:25 09 Jul 03

HTF do you make it go away for ever? Noisey intrusive crap.

  The Sack 02:26 09 Jul 03

ITN business news advert on here even!

Oh for a decent forum with an edit function 8-/

  The Sack 02:34 09 Jul 03

Aha! its an advert for 3, not a change talk about annoy people.

  dave h 11:45 09 Jul 03

Why isn't there a soyund cut off button on the ad?

I understand that the forum has to pay it's way, but if the Ad irritates so many users, it may cause people to desert this forum for one that doesn't annoy!

  Peverelli 16:36 09 Jul 03

How many threads have we got running about this ad? It shows how many people don't do a search before posting ;O)

  Andybear 21:46 09 Jul 03

dave h - you can turn the sound off - press the little square 'stop' button.

  Gaz 25 21:50 09 Jul 03

Not seen it yet. LOL

  GANDALF <|:-)> 01:01 10 Jul 03

I am sure 'the sack' will be first in line to cough up subscription money. Am I to assume that you never watch Channel 3, 4, 5 and Sky or buy newspapers?


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