Is it wise to hide my routers ESSID?

  Flak999 18:51 16 Apr 12

Hi all I have just installed a wireless network for the first time, having used a wired router up until now. I have set it up with WPA encryption and have connected to it with my iphone and kindle devices.

My question is. do I utilise the facility within the routers settings to hide my ESSID? Does this give me additional security in addition to the WPA encryption and are there any other sensible security precautions I should be taking?

Thanks for your replies.

  mgmcc 22:10 16 Apr 12

You might find that, while PCs can connect to a wireless network which isn't broadcasting its SSID, other devices won't be able to connect. I have never hidden my router's SSID and rely on WPA2 to secure the network. You could enable MAC address filtering as an additional security measure.

  Flak999 00:24 17 Apr 12

Thanks for the reply, I have enabled WPA2 and also MAC address filtering, I have changed the router password and disabled remote access as well. Hopefully I am as secure as I can be!

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