Is it too late ?

  lodger 18:28 09 Jan 04

I have an Olivetti Xana PC dating from 1994/5, I gratefully accepted it as a gift from my son in law because I thought it was a has a 1.2 gb hdd, 32mb ram, and capable of handling 128 runs win95..the cpu says it is an Intel 166 mhz, but it runs at 100 mhz only, said to be because of a failed attempt to upgrade it to win98....the socket 7 motherboard is an American Megatrends Triton 5 , for which I can find no reference anywhere, as Tritons seem only to go up to version 3 ..I would use it for surfing only, no games or anything like that......I would love to upgrade some components if it's worthwhile to do so, ........

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:39 09 Jan 04
  Big Elf 18:48 09 Jan 04

I have an old Dell 133MHz laptop with 40MB RAM and Win95 that I (very) occasionally use and it's fine for surfing and Word Processing.

With the high cost of EDO RAM and the lack of the facility to backup (unless you install an additional hard disk) I personally wouldn't bother.

  spuds 20:15 09 Jan 04

I wouldn't consider upgrading-far too expensive.

  jgosden 20:17 09 Jan 04

not worth it, to old and they ain't cheap.

  lodger 07:31 10 Jan 04

now, it seems like I can get a bios upgrade for free if I want one, thanks to gandalf, so is there any point in trying that? what exactly is it supposed to do?

  Big Elf 10:23 10 Jan 04

A BIOS upgrade would probably give you the opportunity to fit a faster CPU possibly a P200 (if you can find one, Micro Mart magazine often has these for sale) but you'd need to know which jumpers to set on the motherboard to get it to work.

You may also be able to fit a larger hard disk, possibly 8GB.

  Diemmess 10:31 10 Jan 04

Then there is absolutely no need to upgrade anything. It has worked in its day and will continue to do so. You will not be able to upgrade very much without a total rebuild. Simply Enjoy!

I guess that if the printer fails, then you might already be in trouble with a replacement, because so many are now totally dependent on Windows driven commands and may not work with W-95

  lodger 17:03 11 Jan 04

I suppose there is no point in trying to put a Ferrari engine in an Austin I'll just enjoy my good fortune at getting something for nothing.........

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