Is it safe to use a programme called superantispyware

  broadrien4 17:31 11 Apr 13

I have been using a programme called superantispyware for years on my desktop but I took it to be repaired and was told to take it off as it is no good and causes viruses, I was going to put it on my laptop but am now worried and don't know what to do. I have got AVG antivirus and mc afee firewall on laptop. Thank you

  wiz-king 17:36 11 Apr 13

Rubbish - the comments. It has been around for years and no program can 'cause' viruses.

  Nontek 18:57 11 Apr 13

Nothing wrong with SAS, but you could also use MalwareBytes. What one program misses the other may pick up.

  wee eddie 20:23 11 Apr 13

They were bullshitting.

It's possible that they then suggested that some other piece of software, possibly supplies and loaded by them at little extra cost, was the stuff to use!

  john bunyan 20:59 11 Apr 13

I have used SAS for years, and find it a bit quicker and more thorough than Malawarebytes, but I use both to scan for malware. Some anti virus programmes "complain" about SAS when you install them but I find it works fine.

  spuds 00:57 12 Apr 13

Like others have stated, SuperAntiSpyware as been around a long time. I have used it for ages without interference or problems.

Having to many similar or same 'anti' programs can sometimes defeat the object intended. So perhaps best to stick with one anti-spy, anti-virus and possibly a firewall?.

  icemanone 09:41 12 Apr 13

Hi,brodrien4. I use it some times and is a very good program, you can also use Antimalware bytes free program, which is also good. Don't beleieve everything they say, and no antivirus program causes virus, they wouldn't make a living then, I mean the companies...But is a good tip not to use 2 antivirus programs running at the same time. I hope I helped...

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