Is it possible to repair a Hard Drive.

  Ex plorer 22:10 04 Oct 06

Hi I have just been through some old Hard Drives,
I have eight that dont work ranging from 500kb to 8 gig all big enough for my needs for my old PCs.
Each one one says no fixed Disk when I ran Fdisk. I also ran Killdisk and that was unable to find the HD.
Any tips on or how to repair the drives.
I never throw anythig away as most things do come in usefull.


  Migwell 22:17 04 Oct 06

The price of hard drives these days just don't make it worth while to keep any old ones. It would cost more to repair them than it would cost to replace them with newer, bigger, better, faster drives, just sling them out and save the space for some thing else LOL.

  Stuartli 22:23 04 Oct 06

It's not all that long ago that the cost of a hard drive was £10 or more a gigabyte i.e. a 6.4GB drive would cost around £65.

Capacities increased but generally the price paid remained about the same.

Today, for that price you can buy a 320GB Seagate with 16MB cache...:-)

In a few weeks it will almost certainly be even cheaper...:-)

  GaT7 22:50 04 Oct 06

These should keep you going for a while click here. Good luck, G

  Stuartli 22:55 04 Oct 06

If you have important data on the hard drive, it's best to avoid using it until/unless absolutely necessary until you have a backup of its contents.

  Totally-braindead 22:56 04 Oct 06

Stuartli brings up a very good point. Even if you do get them running make backups.

  Ex plorer 23:15 04 Oct 06

Hi no important data I have know idea whats on them now just thought I would like to have ago if it was possible.
I will have a look at Crossbow7 suggestion thanks for ideas and comments.


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