Is it possible to remove Vocals from an mp3 track

  BigAl127 17:33 18 Aug 07

I have an mp3 file that my son and his mates have produced.

However, I now want to make another version of it without the vocals and tinker about with some special effects on the instrumental part.

So Somehow I'm hoping to split the audio and vocal parts of the file, and wondered if this was possible?

I've had a brief play about with Audacity without success.

Any advise welcome, or i'll have to wait till they get together again, and can record me the instrumental version.

Thanks in advance.

  silverous 17:51 18 Aug 07

I tink it is tricky, how about searching google for a start.... I found this as one of the first hits:

click here

  BigAl127 18:05 18 Aug 07

I had already googled, but didn't get the site you got in your results. Obviously depends what is typed in the search box.

I had also searched the forum before posting.

I did find vremover, and am waiting for my registration to be processed.

i don't mind paying for a program, as long as I know it'll do the job.

  Stuartli 18:08 18 Aug 07

There are examples for doing this from DVDs - don't know if it would work in this case:

click here

  eedcam 18:43 18 Aug 07

Most editing software will remove the vocal but it will be gone as in nt available as a seperate track.As for tinkering with the sound Audacity a freebie has a reasonable rnge of effects. However none will extract the backing and leave the vocal even Adobe audacity wont do that

  eedcam 18:44 18 Aug 07

Sorry that should be Adobe Audition

  simmo07 19:38 18 Aug 07

Also i believe Sony Sound Forge offer amazing sound editing utilities. might be worth a gander, at a price like!

click here

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