Is it possible to receive emails from old isp

  erkmatrix 15:56 15 Mar 04

I have recently changed isp and seemed to remember when I changed before that I somehow managed to get my old emails on BT anytime account to outlook express even though I changed to kingston communication and now I'm on broadband with plusnet but wanted to still receive email to my old email address till I tell everyone of the change of address. Is it possible and what setting do I need.

Cheers in advance.

  Smiler 16:01 15 Mar 04

WHat are you using as a mailreader Ms outlook, Incredimail etc?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:02 15 Mar 04

Go into OE and simply set up a new a/c using the details of your old ISP - ie their pop3 settings, your username and password.

  Smiler 16:03 15 Mar 04

You need to go to accounts and set up new accounts using your old email address and password plus the names of the pop server and smtp server

  Smiler 16:04 15 Mar 04

You beat me to it :-)

  Eric10 16:09 15 Mar 04

If you want to be able to reply to emails that arrive from your old account then you need to set the Smtp server as your new ISP while leaving the Pop3 as your old one.

  anon1 16:09 15 Mar 04

That of course is dependant on the old isp not removing the account. NTL are very quick at removing expired accounts (30 days after close)

  erkmatrix 16:17 15 Mar 04

oh right I did set it up as pop address being the old one and the new smtp from my new account but just keeps flashing up with a password box so I guess they must of totally done away with the account.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:21 15 Mar 04

junipaire - sounds as if you no longer have access to it; what was the ISP? It may have a web site from which you can access your mail.

  Smiler 16:23 15 Mar 04

Try the smtp from the old account and the password from the old account as well

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