Is it possible to format a slave HD which has NTFS

  Ive 10:31 15 Oct 04

If I put a hard drive (with XP home NTFS) file system into my pc as a slave, can I format it there?
My XP home pc has a fat32 HD.

  ventanas 10:43 15 Oct 04

Once it is installed you can right click on My computer and choose Manage. Select Disc Management, right-lick on the drive and choose format. Answer the simple questions as you proceed through the screens.

  keith-236785 10:47 15 Oct 04

put the drive in as slave, right click on it and choose format. you should have the option to format in fat32 or ntfs, if not then fdisk the drive and try formatting again.

if you have winxp on the main drive you can use the drive maintainance

control panel/ administration tools/ computer management/ disk management.

right click on disk1 (the slave drive), then try from there to format

  Ive 12:44 15 Oct 04

Thanks. I am going to try that.

  uisquebeathus 12:53 15 Oct 04

The built in disk management tool in Windows XP will allow you to format from Fat32 to NTFS but not backwords from NTFS to FAT32. If you use Ontrack Partition Magic you can change the type of format to fat32 or NTFS and Partition the Drive into various parts or drives of different formats

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