Is it me or Tiscali broaband?

  Mike_R 12 Apr 11

Is TalkTalk having problems migrating from Tiscali? A few days ago I started getting Error 404 immediately followed by a "sorry can't find it" message from Yahoo but with the bookmarked entry listed below. On clicking on that I usually but not always got the correct page. My mail is shown as not available and then comes up after another try. My desktop was running Firefox 3.5, then 4.0 with no improvement. The OS is Vista. I've tried Explorer and Crome but the result is the same. I've also get the same problems on my laptop which is Windows 7 and Firefox 3.5. The router is Netgear DG 834GT. The Sony 350 Bluray player is also often not able to get the internet service.

  spuds 12 Apr 11

Talk Talk (Tiscali) have done most of the merging, but are still 'improving' or altering certain items of service.

I have a number of issues, which are being 'observed' and rectified at higher complaints level. What I suggest that you do, is have a look at the Talk Talk forum, then post your problems there. Usually you get a response from a Talk Talk representative, who will provide an answer or pass the problem onto an higher level.

  northumbria61 12 Apr 11

OR search Talk Talk "HELP" link text

  Mike_R 21 Apr 11

Tiscali replied giving me a DNS number and alternative which I have added to my desktop, laptop and router. Prior to that, the DNS numbers were blank. The performance is now much better.


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