is it just me

  harps1h 20:19 30 Sep 07

or is the internet running at a snails pace

  skidzy 20:24 30 Sep 07

Now that depends on your provider and how busy they are.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:26 30 Sep 07

Faster than "Hamilton" here, using Orange and Firefox

  skidzy 20:31 30 Sep 07

harps1h must be running like Alonso then :-)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:38 30 Sep 07

Perhaps he's slowed down bby a wall - a firewall


  Marko797 20:39 30 Sep 07

or anything F1 related... the thread will get locked

  skidzy 20:53 30 Sep 07

Just a little banter,thats all.

Sorry harps1h

As ive said,it could just be your isp is busy tonight.

  harps1h 21:01 30 Sep 07

the isp is adsl24 and usually they are very reliable. so i phoned their helpline and after TWO
rings the phone was answered. a very polite chap asked me to do a trace and send it to who supplies them. i have since been to the forum and it seems there are more like me. so it's not my system.
i'll keep you all posted

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