Is it just me..

  iqs 20:14 08 May 07

or is the internet very slow?.Usually with my 10mb connection ,downloads are very swift,but today?.My average download speed today is 50-200kbps.Cheers

  jimv7 20:26 08 May 07

If your with virginmedia (cable)

click here

  iqs 20:46 08 May 07

and thank you for your reply.I am aware of the downstream speed restrictions currently in place,its very rare that I download 3G in a month let alone in a day.I am currently on hold waiting for assistance from Virgin Media,lets hope they can help.
Thanks again.

  De Marcus™ 20:56 08 May 07

If you ever find Virgin Media on go slow I find a good old modem reset works wonders.

If your a previous Blueyonder customer with a webstar modem you can check your modem status by click here (won't work for anyone else but previous Blueyonder customers.)

  iqs 20:41 09 May 07

De Marcus....Did as you said,no change.

Phoned their tech dept because my speed as dropped to about 40-150kbps.Went through the usual checks,made no difference.

After half an hour was told to restore my Pc back to factory presets.If it was still the same after to contact their other help team which would cost £1 a minute.This is making me very mad.

Any other tips please before I rip the wire out of the wall,and tell Virgin what I think of their service.

Sorry for ranting.Cheers

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