issues after installing new psu & graphics card

  smrdo 09:51 16 Feb 07

I've installed a new psu (antec truepower trio 550w) and a new graphics card xpertvision geoforve 7600 Gs 256mb AGP. dlink usb wireless adpater. Win XP

I have 1gb ram, 2 hrd drives, p4 3.2ghx & manboard is a foxconn 661fx/648fx4mr-es, Samtron 94v monitor.

firstly, after installing the psu & card, i cannot set the resolution of my monitor higher than 1024 * 768 (it should be able to go up to 1024 x 1280 @60hz), i goes black and gives me but in monitor msh that the optimum display is needed. However it did this with the old graphics card to so i suspect a monitor problem here.

After installing the latest Nvidia drivers, i now have no inernet connection & cannot even connect to my wireless router via its ip address.
When logging into my main innternet account (the adminstrator accouts dont do this) as win xp is starting to load start up apps etc i get a rpid series of beeps, windows loads fine after this, except for the display and wireless issue.
Any ideas much appreciated?

  Rtus 10:00 16 Feb 07

dealing with 1 item at a time > are you saying you got the 1024 x 1280 with your old graphics card or it goes black . your old video driver may be the issue. did you set the system to standard vga setting & remove old drivers before shutting down & replacing card ?

  smrdo 10:03 16 Feb 07

yeah i had the same problem with the old card, i couldnt get to 1024 x 1280. I unistalled all the old drivers in safe mode, used driver cleaner.

  Rtus 10:18 16 Feb 07

suggest you do system restore prior to changes & start over with video card instalation, if the monitor couldnt get to the 1024 x 1280 before it may not be capable of that resolution ..the dlink router modem ? is the router attached to the machine we are trying to connect or does this only link via the usb dongle?

  citadel 10:21 16 Feb 07

have a look at the beep codes to find a clue, rapid beeps can be psu or graphics card not properly seated. If your card uses a molex connector use one not shared with anything else.

  smrdo 10:24 16 Feb 07

thanks, the monitor always used to run at that resolution, for nearly 2 years. The manual states that this is its optimum resoution. So may aslo try and borrow another monitor and see what happens..
No the router is connected wirelessly via the usb adpater, aaare you thinking to plug a network cable in dorectly and try that? Like I say, apart from the resolution issuem which has been a while, all was working ok until i installed new drivers for the geofroce.

  Rtus 10:29 16 Feb 07

Ive just looked at spec of both monitor /graphics card & it should be able to reach the required resolution, so it looks as if its a driver issue you have.concentrate on the graphics card alone for now until you get that right use the supplied disc driver not any web updated stuff.then move on to wifi later.

  smrdo 10:40 16 Feb 07

thanks a lot, i'll go back to the supplied driver on the cd. Although that was the first driver i tried, still had the monitor issue. But i'll go back and try again...cheers

  Wizards_Sleeve 10:54 16 Feb 07

Look in your motherboards manual, in there there should be a table of what the beeps mean, but rapid beeps does say to me that its a Graphics card not installed correctly. What motherboard do you have??

Have you tried it with a different monitor, if you've got access to one??

Did you change both the GFX card and the PSU at the same time?

  smrdo 11:17 16 Feb 07

the mother board is a foxconn 661fx/648fx4mr-es, cant find any reference anywhere to the beeps.

i changed the psu first, got it working with old card in vga mode, then relaced the grpahics card. The beeps only occured after installation of the new drivers,I guess i'll try installing the card again, then borrowing another monitor if poss..

  smrdo 11:18 16 Feb 07

in the bios the agp aperture is 64mb (i've tried both 64 & 128) and agp data rate is set to x8, originally it was set to Auto

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