Issue Re Outlook Express V6

  Lozzy 18:14 01 Dec 03

A friend has this issue, which is this, when ever she try's to send an email it goes and is received by the recipient but straight after sending OE freezes and only OE. Then she has to close OE click on send error report then re open to send another email. Then it repeats.

Now I have run SFC /SCANNOW and also ran repair function neither cured the issue. I also have re-installed IE/OE from CD that neither fixed the issue. Also there are no updates to install as there all on. Virus scan has shown nothing and AV's are up to date also Firewall (XP's own) is disabled.

Can anyone she any light on how to fix..

Thanks in advance.

  A_World_Maker 18:21 01 Dec 03

Sounds like a corrupt 'sent' folder.... make a backup of all your messages, delete the 'idx' files and outlook will recreate them when you open it next time, then restore your messages.

  Lozzy 18:23 01 Dec 03

Can you advise me where to find the IDX files..

  Lozzy 18:25 01 Dec 03

I know where the DBX files are but not the IDX never heard of them.. I await your advice..


  A_World_Maker 18:28 01 Dec 03

DBX files are the Database Files, the IDX are the Index Files for the Database files. Its been sometime since I used OE.. but the programme doesnt always hold its files in one place. Carry out a search using *.idx parameters

  Lozzy 18:36 01 Dec 03

Have carried out a sear and NO IDX files found. Search parameters set to include all hidden files and folders. Any other suggestions..

  A_World_Maker 18:52 01 Dec 03

I do not use OE.. I prefer Outlook... however running a quick search on my computer turnned out 109 idx files... you may need to enable searches to see all files.. Setting 'Include all hidden folders and files' in search, is not sufficent..

Explorer.... Tools.. Folder Options.. View...enable :-
Show Hidden files and folders
Display the contents of system folders

Hide extension for known file types
Hide protected system operating files

Try again :-)

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