isp connection issue..packet loss

  skell 01:24 21 Oct 06

hi all,

a friend of mine has a problem when joining gaming servers where she keeps getting disconnected from them with the message 'packet loss error'. she has since changed isp from bt to zen and the problem still exists.

can anyone help plz or give some advise as to what the problem is.

many thx.

  AndySD 02:23 21 Oct 06

How does she connect...modem or broadband and does she use a wireless connection, usb or ethrnet?

Has she tried adjusting the mtu

click here will give you some reading.

Do a thorough antispyware and antivirus check on the pc.

Update the network card drivers if there are any updates.

Check if she is using voip and/or filesharing and turn these off.

  skell 12:40 21 Oct 06

when she does a trace route it always seems to take her to with very high ping values and therefore i guess loses her connection to game servers.

heres a link ..

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

  skell 18:49 21 Oct 06


  skell 18:14 23 Oct 06

problem has been resolved. zen found a fault on the BT line something to do with a faulty filter. funny how BT couldnt find it, aye.

thx for the reply btw, Andy.

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