ISP advice please

  Jade 14 G 21:20 05 Feb 06

Was leaving AOL to go to tiscali, but they have lost my order and its now 6 weeks but was told it would be set up in ten days lol to get broardband and phone in so now am paying BT Tiscali just say re- order another or wait but am thinking that after the ad on tv they have taken on to much , anyone think there wothaiting or can anyone tell me of another one but not to expensive as l am on my own.

  ade.h 22:18 05 Feb 06

The companies that get consistently very positive customer feedback include Zen Internet, Freedom2Surf, Plusnet and Nildram. In that order.

Take your pick.

  Diversion 22:18 05 Feb 06

If your not going to be downloading a lot of software, I would recommend Tiscali Broadband. I only left them because I started downloading more than 3GB per month, but for just normal use it is excellent value.

  ade.h 22:19 05 Feb 06

(Sources: PC Pro Consumer Satisfaction Survey 2005 and click here)

  wobblymike 22:20 05 Feb 06

i'm with plusnet and think they are excellent 14.99 for uncapped 2mb connection

  ade.h 22:22 05 Feb 06

I'm not sure that I would call less than 3GB per month "normal use". That would be light use. I consider my usage to be only average, at 4 to 7GB per month.

It's bad idea to choose any 12-month contract, partly for this reason. The best providers tend to offer contract-free services, such as F2S.

  Diversion 22:34 05 Feb 06

I have checked Plusnet and although it sounds good value it is not totally uncapped.

  woodchip 22:38 05 Feb 06

This may help click here

  Diversion 22:42 05 Feb 06

Tiscali is aimed at the light user same as MSN Messenger users my grandchildren find it more than adequate at £14.99 per month.

  terryf 04:27 06 Feb 06

Look at Eclipse, they offer monthly contracts as do Zen, I am looking forward to closing my 12 month contract with talktalk because of throttling I can't download the P2P version of OpenOffice

  bluto1 20:28 06 Feb 06

Jade 14 G,
Have a look at some here click here

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