ISO image to big for DVD

  iqs 23:10 01 Jul 08


How can I reduce the size of an ISO image which is to big for a single layer DVD please ?.


  FatboySlim71 23:27 01 Jul 08

Whichever program you have used to create the ISO image, this program should have give you the option (at the time of creation) to either create for a DVD-9 disk which is a dual layered disk of a DVD-5 which is a single layered disk.

You may however need to recreate the ISO image so as it can be created to the size that will fit on to a single layered disk.

What program have you been using to create the ISO image?

  eedcam 07:39 02 Jul 08

Use dvd shrink its free
click here

  iqs 08:58 02 Jul 08

FatboySlim71 and eedcam,

I used DVD Decrypter ,but the image was made from a dual layer disc,so the ISO image file was nearly 6.5GB.

My DVDRW will burn to dual layer,but I don't have any DL disc's.

I tried DVD Shrink,but it wouldn't copy the disc.

I must add before any comments about copyright are posted.....

I own the original disc ,but the little ones keep on damaging/scratching the discs so they wont play.I am tired of buying the same DVD's over and over again,hence the post .

So any ideas on how I can save money ;-)


  FatboySlim71 09:43 02 Jul 08


Has its been a while since I used DVD Shrink I am not quite sure of the process, but I think that once DVD Decrypter has done its magic it is then just a case of processing the 6.5GB ISO image with DVD Shrink. There should be (or maybe) a setting in DVD Shrink where you are basically telling it what size disk you are wanting to put it on to.

Has I mentioned earlier it is a long time since I used DVD Shrink so I am not 100 percent on the process needed when using DVD Shrink.

I use Clone DVD (for processing/writing) and I use AnyDVD (which runs in the background, AnyDVD basically removes the copy protection from the disk).

I have used the above combination for years and find they work extremely well together, they may be worth considering if you have a lot of disks damaged by your little ones.

Clone DVD has an option on it where you tell the program prior to it encoding/processing the data on the original disk to what size disk you are wanting to fit it on to, basically Clone DVD will know what size disk you are wanting to burn to and as such will alter the image to be no bigger than a single layered disk, although if so required you can burn the image to a dual layered disk (which I have done on a couple of occasions)

With Clone DVD when you select the option to CLONE DVD, you will see on the next window, next to the quality bar either DVD-5 or DVD-9, 5 is single layered disk and 9 is dual layered disk. I have provided a couple of links to the programs I mention. : )

click here

click here

  eedcam 11:05 02 Jul 08

Ant dvd then shrink will do it

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