iso to film

  alan2k1 14:11 31 Mar 10

i recieved a film as several winrar files
i extracted these and got a single iso image file
i used nero to burn this to a dvd
the problem is i did not get the film

the disk looks to be fully written on but what i get when i look at the dvd drive in my computer is

click here

i tried clone dvd and got exactly the same thing

anyone know how i can write a dvd or make an avi file from this iso image ?



  alan2k1 14:13 31 Mar 10

meant to add the pop up telling me directory doesnt exist comes when i click to open the dvd

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:36 31 Mar 10
  alan2k1 14:43 31 Mar 10

thanks for your response
how do you mean "finalised"
i guess i am missing something here

  johndrew 15:04 31 Mar 10

What Fruit Bat /\0/\ is saying is that if using the disk in other than the drive it was produced (in this case your PC) you will need to "finalise" (or finalize) it to allow it to be read in, say, a DVD player.

You should be able to read (play) the DVD in the same drive as produced it without this process.

From your post, and from the image it looks as if the burn process is being rejected because either the name of the file is too long or it has been incorrectly identified.

Make certain you navigate to the actual file to be burned - not the directory - and if the file name is long try re-naming to something shorter.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:16 31 Mar 10

My link shows how to burn ISO files in many different burning programs (you can also download the programs from the same site) just scroll down to you get to your burning prog (eg Nero)

  jimv7 15:22 31 Mar 10

Use imageburn click here

  Im a diddy 07:45 01 Apr 10

is that the file size 1 kb??

What size is the iso image?

Try extracting the rar again with Winrar,extract the first rar file and it extracts from the others in the series to build the iso or avi "Extract here" when using winrar.
If iso Burn with imgburn as above.

  Al94 08:07 01 Apr 10

Should we be discussing methodology for illegal file sharing and movie downloads?

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