Isn't this overkill??

  Housten 16 Aug 11

Good afternoon,

How do i copy a video dvd with Nero? 17 hours ago

What on earth is going on as I have this post 11 times on my lists of posts. ( 9 are on the first page and 2 on the second page of the list of posts that are the questions people are asking. I presume someone not getting preferential treatment but disconcerting!! Anyone else get this or is this something wrong with my pc??

[ Bye the way when I tried to post the site locked and suggested I try again - has this happened to anyone else as this is the fourth or so time is has happened to me? After that I got the dreaded ‘Please wait’ sign!! So in and out of the site to get clear of it! ]

  lotvic 16 Aug 11

There must be a glitch somewhere, when I just looked at your (Housten's) profile 'Discussions you have started' that 'How do i copy a video dvd with Nero?' thread of yours is not listed at all... which is very strange if it's there when you look.

I think FE will delete your duplicate posts in Helproom when he gets time to do it. You could always email him and request the 'tidy up'

  lotvic 16 Aug 11

Scratch that, senior moment, it's Halmers thread (duh me)

  northumbria61 16 Aug 11

lotvic - put the kettle on and your feet up - will do you the world of good !

  Housten 16 Aug 11

Sorry lotvic I must agree with northumbria61. You really had me going saying the FE had deleted it from 'my posts'. But please don't bother I have enough problems already I am off for a coffee!!

  buteman 16 Aug 11

[Bye the way when I tried to post the site locked and suggested I try again ]

It has been like that for most of the for me using Firefox, I believe they are trying to sort things out but may take a while.


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