isdn number

  dawnyworld 12:07 23 Apr 03

hi all what is a isdn number and how do i contact it

the reason i ask is ive just been given this number but i dont know what to do with it

  graham√ 12:37 23 Apr 03

Just dial it.

  MartinT-B 12:37 23 Apr 03

An ISDN no. is just like a telephone no. but on an ISDN line.

These line are usually reserved for PC connections and the no. you may have been given it to enable you to connect PC to PC directly. ie. not via the WWW

Incoming calls to our ISDN are barred to avoid mis-dials blocking our line.

Just a thought as your post is not terribly clear. Did BT give you the no. - ie assign it to you, or did someone else?

  dawnyworld 12:54 23 Apr 03

hiya cheers for reply the no was given to contact someone

so i can just dial this or do i need something speical

if it was pc to pc how do i go about conecting

thanks for ur time dw

  graham√ 13:16 23 Apr 03

Just dial it.

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