ISDN modem/terminal adaptor

  hlpq 20:07 04 Apr 03

Just got an ISDN line installed. To be able to use the faster connection I know that I need to get my hands on an extra piece of kit. The manual I have says I need an 'ISDN modem'. I have been shopping online and have seen some ISDN modems. I have also come across ISDN terminal adaptors which desribe themselves as being used for connecting a pc to an ISDN line. Some of these TA's are cheaper than the products being advertised as modems. Can anyone educate me on this subject, specifically on whether a Terminal Adaptor will suffice as the interface between the ISDN control box and the PC.

  graham 20:13 04 Apr 03

Is it Home Highway you have?

  LastChip 20:17 04 Apr 03
  hlpq 20:18 04 Apr 03

No, I live in ireland (dont know if you'd be familiar with the equipment/spec).

  graham 20:24 04 Apr 03

LastChip's link should answer your questions, though I'm surprised your telco did not provide the information. You may only need a connector from the ISDN to a USB on your comp.

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