isdn bill very high

  John-251129 14:29 23 Jan 04

I have a machine that keeps dialing out.
It spent over 250 hours online according to the last telephone bill.
Specs: win2000 small buisness server, 3com office connect isdn lan modem.

I have found microsoft Q134985 but it does not refer to my OS.

the lanmodem was configured to min call time 600 seconds (changed to 60 sec) and max idle time was 600 secd ( now 300 ). I dont believe this the solution.

Q. Is there any easy to show a connection is live on another networked pc (not server)..( like the 2 little screen icon when diling out using 56k modem, in the task bar), there a way that i can set it to autodisconnect?



  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 14:33 23 Jan 04

I think there is an option to get the little icons in the task bar like any other OS,but even idle time connected is time online so it would count on your bill,there is a option i think to disconect when not bieng used but im not sure where to find it on win 2000.


  weeby vuit 14:38 23 Jan 04

You may have picked up a dialer. Download and run Ad-aware click here and Spybot click here

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