///A M G 20:46 02 Nov 04

I have a process running called Isass.exe, is this a virus?

  MAJ 20:50 02 Nov 04
  ///A M G 20:52 02 Nov 04

Pro virus which carries in it's payload, the ability to disable firewalls and local security protections, and a backdoor capability.

System Process: No
Background Process: No
Uses Network: No
Hardware Related: No

Security Risk (0-5): 4
Virus: No
Spyware: No
Trojan: Yes

  iambeavis 20:56 02 Nov 04

It all depends on whether it is a lower case L (l) or an upper case i (I). Upper case i is bad news!

  MAJ 20:56 02 Nov 04

Sorry, I read it wrong, ///A M G. Yes it's a trojan.

  ///A M G 20:57 02 Nov 04

Its written like this:


No probs MAJ

  joseph K 20:58 02 Nov 04

I'm certain that is actually wintasks itself. I've usually got it running on my machine, but I have some probs myself at the moment. However, are you running 'win tasks', because I'm positive that's it's own 'codename'.

  ///A M G 20:59 02 Nov 04

No im not running Win Task

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:01 02 Nov 04

If you are running Windows XP either install SP2 or get all the security updates from Windows Update. You will then close the loophole and stop this problem recurring.

  Dorsai 21:02 02 Nov 04

You need to be careful. there is lsass, and Isass.

The first has the letetr l, as in the letter between k and m, and the other I, as in between H and J

This is a deliberate ploy by the writer of the malware, as l and I look very much alike.

one a virus, the other part of windows.

the nasty has an I (H to j) click here

the part of windows, an l (k to m) click here

so be sure which you have.

  Dorsai 21:04 02 Nov 04

the difference betweek I and l obvious on this site, but in the windows normal font, less clear.

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