Irritating Gigabyte Website

  s99Raj 14:52 07 Nov 04

I'm trying to find a manual for the GA-6WMMC7 motherboard, as well as drivers for it.

So I go to this website :
click here

and choose my motherboard, and then what?
I see no "Go" button to click on or anything similar. I can't find the page I need. Can anyone help? Cheers.

  holly polly 15:01 07 Nov 04

click here

manual here-hol pol...

  holly polly 15:04 07 Nov 04

click here

drivers here -regards-hol pol...

  s99Raj 15:07 07 Nov 04

Thanks - how did you get to it?

  Belatucadrus 15:08 07 Nov 04

click here is a direct link to the manual in pdf

  s99Raj 19:19 07 Nov 04

I've tried the links up above but I get this useless message : "The file is damaged and could not be repaired.".

  ACOLYTE 19:24 07 Nov 04

you may need adobe installed for the manual cos it open up with that when i clicked the link.

  keith-236785 20:21 07 Nov 04

the manual from the website is corrupt, it requires some obscure foriegn font which i could not find anywhere. even though the manual was on the mobo cd i still couldnt read it.

what do you need to know from the manual and i (or someone else) will try to find the right info

  s99Raj 21:49 07 Nov 04

What I'm trying to do is add a "new" processor to the motherboard, which I took out of another working machine to replace the 550 Hz one. The newer one is a Celeron 1.3 GHz and is of the exact same socket type. The processor fits perfectly but when I switch the computer on I don't get the single beep to signify that all is well; I get no beeps at all and nothing on the screen. I need to know if there are any jumpers on the motherboard I need to set or if i need to update the BIOS or what.

I can put the old processor back in and all is fine again. Anyone know what I need to do to make the 1.3 GHz processor work?

  hugh-265156 23:35 07 Nov 04

looks like your board can take up to a P3 celeron 1.4Ghz

specs click here

cpu support list click here

bios updates dont seem useful to me for your problem click here

  hugh-265156 23:37 07 Nov 04

sorry i read the cpu support list incorectly. it only supports up to a P3 celeron 900mhz


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